Behind the Scenes

and the 'front' that gets you through...

becky shortt life coach

I've just returned from a weekend away shooting a music video. You'll probably see some of the glamour shots around the place, and being on the 'model' end of those shots, I can tell you now that nothing really feels as glamorous as it looks. It got me thinking about what goes on behind the scenes in our own lives that makes it seem like we have it together when we are in public or on show.

Some people need to have a good cry once a week.
Others are glued to a screen in all their 'spare time', learning, researching and perfecting their craft.
Maybe, like me, you need to binge on a good television series to keep you sane.

And deeper than this, we all need our behind the scenes thoughts to be in check so we can show up in the world the way we need. When people seem to 'come out of nowhere', be amazing in their work or so confident, it is their behind the scenes mindset AND practices that make all the difference. This is me now. Writing a blog and then working on student reports in bed at only 8pm.


As you can see, that glamour is gone! Hahaha! I get real comfy when in work mode because I never want work to feel exhausting, even when Iove it. My calendar at the moment is also incredibly hectic so I can fit in music recording and shoots. I've made some big sacrifices so I could live out the passion that would be 'easy'to neglect for fear of failure. In a race of thoughts, my mind always settles of on one of utter self-belief and faith that things will turn out as they should. And that I am safe to take risks. But I have trained myself to think this way.

Sadly, when we see success, we can jump to poor conclusions, assuming that some people have it easy or are simply perfect all the time. We all have our 'stuff' and our coping mechanisms and key practices that get us through and make us who we are.

So what do you do to show up in the world as a strong and capable person? What front do you put on to be a professional or inspire others? What does your life look like 'behind the scenes'. Share the good bad and the funny in the comments below. Because goodness knows it is nice to hear that other people need to curl into the foetal position at the end of a long day!

Want your behind the scenes to look better? Work with me to change that default mindset and 'self talk' that could be holding you back from being the happiest you! Our 6 month program is well under-way (oh some amazing stuff unfolding for those gorgeous people!) but you can still get signature coaching from me via Skype on a monthly or fortnightly basis.

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