Rewriting Your Story

Last year, my band and I went our separate ways. The lead vocalist started up her own band and became a recording artist and performer under the name Kite. She is writing beautiful songs and singing and performing like no-one else I've seen! (That's how a 'break-up' leads to bigger and better things!)

Well, a few months ago, Kite asked me if she could 'have' a song I had written called Wolf. I'm pretty sure I responded over-enthusiastically with something like 'Of course!' or 'Oh my god, yes!'.

But there was a part of me that was like...

Fuck! That's my favourite song!

Nonetheless, you can now see Kite performing it amazingly! I have moved on from those possessive feelings, but it took some work and self-discovery.

Trying to hold onto the essence of the melody, I wrote part two to Wolf.

And it was therapeutic.

You see, Wolf is a very grim song about submitting to a man in power and not making an effort to acknowledge personal choice in relationships. I've grown up a lot since then, and know that when attraction or love is mutual, both parties are capable of getting hurt. I know I am responsible for every choice I make- good or bad.

You can see the lyrics of the original Wolf here and check out the video and lyrics to Revenge of the Wolf below. Warning: it does contain some very feminist overtones, but perhaps one day there will be a third part- more balanced and forgiving.

The trouble is that as human beings who innately tell and connect with stories, we risk holding onto tales about our past that do not serve us. We tell ourselves that we were 'victimised as a child' but choose not to recognise how we have evolved since then or how our fear of judgment made us ostracise ourselves further. It repeating this story to ourselves and to others, we reinforce the negative feelings associated with the memory or belief and position ourselves to attract more of the same story into our lives.

Hit reply or comment to share with me a story that you tell yourself (either negative or positive). If it doesn't serve you and you realise it is disempowering, tell me how you will rewrite the story to make it work in your favour.

You can also listen to bonus materials in Lecture 32 of my online course.

Happy writing!