What to Do When the Proverbial Hits the Fan...

When your world seems to be crumbling around you…

When two trains of thought are headed in opposite directions, yet are veering to collide…

When everything hurts…

There is something you must do before you watch it unravel or take bold action.

It’s not simply ‘positive thinking’- though that works.

It’s not ‘TRUST’, though that offers more comfort than you could imagine.

It’s not ‘Take things into your own hands’, though it’ll get you ‘unstuck’ quick-smart.

The one thing you must do when life becomes messier than expected…

Choose a belief and act in accordance with that belief.

You see, some things are mostly out of your control. Like the breakdown of a relationship between your nearest and dearest, or your workplace imploding or some Catch 22 scenario that seems to have no win-win option. You feel you are still in the firing line or that you cannot escape unscathed. The most powerful thing you can do is transcend the moment, look down at it with compassion for you and everyone involved, and then ask the most powerful question you could ask.

‘What belief can serve my highest self in this moment?’

What belief can I subscribe to so I can move forward with a lighter heart and integrity?

What do I choose to believe to make everything that follows a little simpler?

Once you pick a belief, you can act in accordance with that belief. Eventually, the belief or philosophy you’ve adopted will feel a greater part of you, and decision-making will become easy.

In coaching people through difficult and messy times, and through having conversations with myself, I have been able to share this bank of beliefs that have served people profoundly.

  • I believe that every person is doing the best they can, with the tools they have in their unique context. I choose to treat everybody accordingly. (This is one I personally subscribe to because it makes my heart lighter.)
  • Human beings are incredibly resilient, as am I. We will get through this if we take one small step at a time.
  • The world exists to be experienced. I seek all experiences and allow these to teach me and help me grow.
  • Everything is working out in my favour.

(and some more specific ones I’ve elicited over the years)

  • Everybody deserves forgiveness.
  • My friends are my family and I am fiercely loyal to both. (See how this one would make all family/friend scenarios simpler?)
  • I only work places where I can bring joy to others.
  • I only work places where I am valued.
  • All life is miraculous. (Again, notice how this may dictate the way an individual may interact with nature, animals, etc)

I don’t know know what is going on in your world. How could I? But I do know that if you take a bit of time to settle on beliefs that propagate love and greatness, for yourself, others and the world, then there is nothing you cannot navigate.

What do you choose to believe? And how will this shape how you act?

You will feel more settled and like you have more integrity if you rigidly act in alignment with the belief you choose. You probably chose it because it feels noble and worth living by. If you deviate in your actions and feel yucky about it, then it is likely you chose the right belief. It obviously resonates with you if you cannot stand contradicting it with your actions.

I have to say that despite years of using NLP to help people reprogram their beliefs, it can be as simple as consciously choosing to think differently. However, if you are stuck transitioning into a new belief, you can always book in to have me walk you through one powerful process of installing a new philosophy. Reach out with any questions, and share how this is working for you.

Be kind and gentle with yourself friends.

We are mortals after all.

Love Becky