Peak Performance Series: Your Best Year Ever

Do you have an area in your life that you wish to completely master? Do you have a vague vision of yourself living the life you want and performing 'difficult' tasks with ease and precision? Do you have a nagging little feeling that tells you that if you could just let go of a few things, the whole world would open up for you? 

This peak performance workshop series will lead you to big changes in your mindset, level of happiness, skills set and life fulfillment. The strategies taught throughout are applicable, ANYWHERE, which is why you, through your own intention and focus, can tailor-make each workshop to give you the results YOU want!

I have been invited to host a series of my favourite workshops that are applicable to an adult and mature teenage audience at the Voiceology Studios in Camden, NSW. If you or anyone you love is looking to get the most out of life and needs some support getting there, please read on.

The Workshop Series

The Peak Performance series is an experience that will teach you and guide you through the process of doing the following:

·       Getting clear on your desires and who you need to be to feel the way you want to feel

·       Reshaping your life using visualisation and language strategies.

·       Installing new and useful habits to set you up for success.

·       Finding your inner confidence and using it to propel forward in any area you wish.

·       Remove the limitations that are holding your back in life.

·       Using visualisation to fast-track anything.

Because there are limited places available, it means that with a little prior consultation, we can make the workshop series flow through areas that interest you most. There is also some extra special support from me should you choose to book in all four and commit to an unstoppable you this year!

Workshop Schedule

All workshops will be held at Suite 1 (Upper Level), 1/190 Argyle St, Camden, NSW, 2570

Book ahead for all sessions ($396) to receive the following:

·       a FREE hour Skype coaching session with Becky Shortt.

·       FREE email coaching