Small Changes to Make a Big Difference


'During my morning routine, I have transformed the 6 minutes I usually set aside for feeling negative about my upcoming work day into 6 minutes I spend focusing my energies on setting up a positive mindset for it. Whenever I start to slide backwards at work, I remind myself of my positive intentions and reset my thoughts. This has energised me in a way I never expected and really lifted my spirits.'  (Feedback from a lovely, hilarious and growth-conscious lady who attended Workshop Number 1)

If you attended our first workshop, you are eligible for our follow-up session, where we refine some of your change-making tools, adapt your practices to suit your goals and the changing seasons (of life and the weather!) and learn some more advanced behaviour-shaping strategies. It is on 1 til 4.30pm, Saturday May 6th at the Voiceology Studios.

If you could not make it to our first workshop, but would still like to attend, you will be sent three questions to answer before the day so we can hit the ground running together. If you want to see what is possible for you, read on...

Would you like to:

Have a seamless morning routine that sets you up for a brilliant day?

A new exercise regime that seems out of your comfort zone but could really get you ‘in the zone’?

An improved skillset in an area like singing or dancing?

More productive and loving responses in your relationships?

Different ways of thinking about challenges?

Better study practices?

All this, and anything else you want, really, is possible with a few strategies to help you remember how ease change is and to lock in any new changes you want to keep.

The Workshop

This workshop is for you if you feel stuck or like you are at a plateau or stalemate in your life- and you don’t like that feeling. It is for you if you have a goal that you need to achieve, one that perhaps feels further away than anticipated. It is for you if you feel like something is missing, or that you would just like to be more daring, vibrant or any other words that describe how you want to feel. It is 100% for you if think you need more discipline or motivation to do what you know needs to be done.

Small Changes for a Big Difference is an experience that will teach you and guide you through the process of doing the following:

·       Recognising who you want to be and how you want to feel.

·       Shaping a picture of the future that inspires you.

·       Identifying key habits or practices that will serve you.

·       Ditching old behaviours and practices that no longer make sense.

·       Installing new habits and strategies that you can commit to or uninstall whenever you like.

·       Designing entire blocks of time according to how you want to spend them.

·       Using visualisation to fast-track anything.

You should also know that for each principle and segment of the workshop, there will be alternatives of ‘the fast way’ and ‘the immersive way’. We can make changes quickly, but sometimes we need the process to be more immersive to increase its value. We will discuss that a little more at the workshop.

Individual Coaching

If you do feel a lot of resistance coming up in terms of making a small change that would make all the difference, you have the option of being guided through the workshop experience, one to one with our coach. Any ‘blocks’ or limiting beliefs can be gentle removed and replaced as we go.


Small Changes for a Big Difference Workshop Schedule

All workshops are located at Suite 1 Upper Level, 1/190 Argyle St, Camden, 2570


Small Changes for a Big Difference

Follow up and refresh, 1.5 hours, May 6th, 2017, $49


Small Changes for a Big Difference

Next Level, follow up, 1.5 hours, July 29th, 2017, $49


Small Changes for a Big Difference

Assess & Renew, 1.5 hours, October 14th, 2017, $49