This is my newest offering for people who are ready to shake up their world and improve every facet of their life. It has built-in accountability, emotional and mindset rewiring, and all the practices and advice I can give, right at your fingertips. It is a totally unique experience that is designed to rock your world in the short and long term.

Here is is.

The Weekend Life Makeover!

In a 24 hour time-frame, you and I will go balls-to-the-wall, real deep and broad to create a map of your life and identify areas to improve, unexpected connections, the current mindset patterns and the shiny, sweet spots that are totally you. We will look at absolutely all facets of your life: health, well-being, love, relationships, sex, fun, finances, career/job/business, family, friends, creative or otherwise passions, living space, spirituality, relationship with time and organisation plus other relevant areas that you know need some tender care.

I will develop strategies especially for you and take you through powerful visualisation techniques to get you into the best state to transform your life.

As you relax or get in implementation mode and start polishing up your life, I will write a manual for the transformation of your life, including steps, habits and personal advice to guide you through your makeover. It will be packed with resources especially for you, including book recommendations, links, etc. I need to stress that this is written FOR YOU! It will be informed by our conversation and my own pearls of wisdom that we may not cover together.

After a gorgeous sleep, I will take you through some highlighted areas of your manual to make sure you can follow and remember what needs to be done.

And then will some quick follow-up calls and emails to make sure all is working marvellously.

If you are the kind of person who can make a weekend for yourself, you can absolutely make-over your life.

All inclusions within 24 hour time frame:

  • 4 hour initial conversation (in person or over Skype)
  • A couple of hours of me designing our next session based on what you need right now to get on track.
  • 4 hour 'Shake-up' session where we work through areas of your life and your cognition that will have the biggest impact on your transformation. Includes potent visualisation practices.
  • Time for me to write your own personal manual for the transformation of every aspect of your life. This takes hours! Includes time for extra brainwaves and editing of your manual.
  • The next day hour call where I deliver your manual and take you through important stuff.

Plus bonuses:

  • 2 half hour follow up calls
  • Hard-copy of your manual
  • Email coaching.
  • 2nd edition revision of your manual after 6 months.

Sounds sweet, right?

As part of the launch I am discounting the regular price of $3000 to $1000. Payment plans are available too.

Price of the Weekend Transformation after February 15th, 2015. 

Price of the Weekend Transformation after February 15th, 2015. 

Price for bookings made before February 15th, 2015. Launch special!

Price for bookings made before February 15th, 2015. Launch special!

It is not every day that somebody spends a weekend totally dedicated to you, let alone writes a manual for your life! This is something special I have to give, and if it is something you would love to receive, go ahead and click the link below so I can get in touch with you. Support feels amazing.

Love your shaker-upperer,



Unfrequently Asked Questions. (Let's Face it. This is NEW!)

Q. The concept of me being free on a weekend is ridonkulous! What if I want in, but can't do a weekend?

A. I would challenge you to make the time as this is super important and represents the amount of love you are willing to show yourself! Ask for support from others if you need help getting a weekend free. If commitments are rigid, we will work out a way to do this no matter what. 

Q. I want to see your face and smell you and hug you, Becky. Where can we do this in person?

A. Your place, my place or a cool in between location is ideal. Somewhere you are comfortable is best. Oh, and I will need somewhere to keep my laptop charged for manual writing purposes. :)

Q. My life is a cluster-fuck at the moment. How can we possibly deal with all this within 24 hours?

A. We focus on you foremostly and that will have a widespread effect on your whole life. If there are other nitty gritties you want lots of time devoted to then we can work together in the future. Remember, the theme of this is 'Life Makeover' so you are just the person who needs this!