New Premium Song-writing Service!

Music that is loaded with powerful positive emotions and messages can help you

a) get into your peak state

b) help you BE who you need to be

c) allow you to EXPERIENCE what you wish to experience

d) and POSSESS the qualities, relationships and materials that you desire


I will write you the perfect song so you can attract your dreams!

It may be the theme song for you as a person or for your business.

It is based around your own taste, style and desires.

Play this theme song daily, weekly or whenever you need a pick me up.

It will resonate deeply with you because you basically come up with everything you want it to attract into your world.

I make the melody, the poetry (lyrics) and get it recorded and sent to you to have forever and ever!


The service is $2000 and includes the writing, recording, mixing and mastering so it sounds super professional! Lucky you!


To make this happen, fill in the questions below so I can make the perfect song for you.

Name *
My favourite musical style, e.g. rock, hip hop, dance, pop. What instruments do you like to hear?
What kind of person to you want to be? Who are you when you are being your best self?
Your goals and dreams for the coming one to five years
What often holds you back in life? What are you looking to overcome?
What do you currently feel grateful for in your life?
Describe a place (imaginary or real) where you feel either on top of the world or really safe to be you.
What is it you know about yourself that you would love to hear more often? What do you wish people would notice about you?