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The journey of a singer is personal, symbolic and filled with the ups and downs of life. Some singers have big dreams, overwhelming fear, unbelievable creativity and the deep desire to make an impression with their voice and their music.

Some of the challenges singers experience are:

-          A lack of self-esteem and feeling of worthiness when it comes to ‘shining’.

-          A tendency to self-sabotage or a mindset of everything being too hard.

-          A fear of success and being visible and loved.

-          A fear of judgement

-          Difficulty balancing singing with the rest of their lives

-          Difficulty conveying the importance of singing to family and friends.

-          A gulf between what they hear is possible and what they can actually do- this is where peak performance strategies are needed.

-          Reverting to bad habits during public performances or being confronted with stage fright

-          Being confident in ‘the singing world’ but shrinking in the rest of their lives.

If you know you need to do the inner work to support your singing voice and career, please get in touch to have a FREE half hour laser coaching session with me. We will work out what is holding your back and how to get to the next level in your singing. All the lessons will transfer into multiple areas of your life. 

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