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Even getting to this page is a huge step. You have just told yourself that you are worth the time and effort on the journey to happiness and a life you adore.

Let me show you the payment options before you book in for your first session.

There are two ways to pay.

Option One: Pay $333 monthly, via this secure PayPal link (also first payment at the end of this page) or via bank transfer.

Option Two: Pay for the program in full before midnight 14th July. You can pay in one or two parts at your convenience. If you choose this option, the investment is discounted. $1800 only. You can do this at the end of this page.

Option Two is usually more popular, but can be tricky for some, which is understandable. 

Booking Your First Session

Just fill in this quick email letting me know your work/hobby times so I can compare it with my schedule and get back to you with the best time. Would also like to know what you are hoping to get out of our 6 months together. Be as specific/general or long/brief as you wish.

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Paying for the 6 Month Boost Programme

If you are paying by the month, make your first payment of $333 below using PayPal or text message me on +61420988909 requesting bank transfer details.

Monthly Be Happy Payment

If you are paying the full discounted amount, choose either the entire amount of $1800 or pay the two lots of $900 at your convenience before the 30th of July (deposit before the 14th July to secure place).