Be Happy Mid-Year Boost Programme

Thank you for being a loyal subscriber and supporter of Becky Shortt Coaching! Throughout our time over the last few fortnights you have heard some of my personal stories and shared part of your journey with me through our email coaching. 

I firstly want to remind you that you have free access to my online personal development course Golden Lies: The Ultimate Guide for the Creative Soul, which will work wonders when you live the lessons and complete the success sheets. You can also seek feedback from me on how you are going applying the principles and implementing creative ways to improve your life. I'm letting you know this in case what is to come isn't quite right for you. I want you to know that you already have access to plenty!

For those who have been in regular touch with me, I want to tell you that anything we have done together is just the beginning of what is to come in your wonderful life. If we have not spoken, but you are ready for change, you may find that you need something a bit more intimate than email for your first bout of coaching. That is ok too.

I would like to introduce you to the special Boost Package I offer to subscribers. It is a 6 month program that begins in July. Whilst I usually offer year long coaching programs that begin in January, I find the middle of the year is a great time to reset goals and finish the year with a sense of utter fulfilment. 

This is what is included in the program:

  • 9 x one hour Skype coaching sessions with me (just like a phone call). We discuss what is on your mind and come up with a game plan to help you break through personal barriers, reset your mindset, heal the past, move towards a bright future (even if it is scary) and ensure that you have all the tools to thrive in the upcoming month.  Includes session notes and optional accountability trackers.
  • 24/7 email access and coaching. You may find me in your inbox with a word of encouragement or an extra resource I find that is perfect for you. Likewise, you can ask me any question relating to our coaching session and I will get back to you asap. 
  • 2 personalised meditation mp3s to get you into a peak state. Each meditation will be designed just for you, addressing what it is you need to hear regularly to stay focused and happy. The first is delivered within the first 3 months once we have properly established exactly what words light you up, what fears you need to vanquish and what dreams and feelings you should never forget.
  • Your theme song!  I will write and record a theme song to get you all pumped up and positive about you. You get to choose the style, and I will put it together using information we collate from coaching and from a special questionnaire. So, super powerful!
  • Access to virtual 'Create Your Life, Your Way' play date. A group of us, under my guidance, play around with dream art (painting, poetry, writing, sewing, playdough- whatever you like) and make time to really express ourselves. We can do a show and tell of our art, but don't have to! 

So let's recap and talk $ value and the juicy savings you will get because you are a subscriber.

  • 9 coaching sessions are valued at $2400.
  • 6 months of unlimited email access and coaching valued at $600.
  •  2 personalised meditations valued at $560.
  •  Theme song value at $1200.
  • Play date (FUN GIFT!) plus some lovely inspirational surprises delivered to you.

 The total value of this programme is $4760. (But as you may guess, there is a big discount awaiting you!)

I can't even begin to express the incredible transformation you will experience by choosing to participate in the Be Happy Mid-Year Boost Programme. You have the best support to achieve whatever you desire for your future and for the present you.

As a subscriber to Becky Shortt Coaching all of this for you is just $2000 (over 55% discount or a saving of $2760).

If your big heart wants to say yes, know that you are saying yes to YOU! Understand that this is not a yes or no to me. You already receive my emails and I am there for you no matter what. I adore you!

But there is something immensely powerful about saying yes to personalised life coaching. Or anything you pay for to make yourself more awesome. It tells the universe that you care about you. That is where the magic is.

If it is time for change and potentially the happiest or most healing 6 months of your life, say yes by clicking here to see payment options and to book in for your first coaching session with me in July. 


The offer closes midnight Monday 14th of July.

I have shivers thinking of all the greatness that will emerge from this year's programme. I want you to be part of it!

With all my heart,