I am thrilled to be working with you! Remember, even though our call is the 'hour of power' we will be in contact throughout the month so that you have utmost support with the changes that occur within you and your life.

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Q. Is this form our initial contact before the call?

A. This is a baby step. I will be in touch via email to find out a bit more about what will make our hour session the most powerful experience you have had.

Q. When will this session happen?

A. Usually within the month. I will send you available time slots and then you can choose. You may want to 'save it for later' perhaps for before a special  or significant occasion. Most people find that what they gain in that hour can be applied in the future and will guide them through any difficult moment.

Q. How do I pay? Are there plans?

A. You will receive a link with PayPal options and bank details. All payments must be made within the first month of booking, occurring before our call. Half payments are an option on the link I will send you, so you can deposit initially and pay the rest later.

Q. I don't have Skype. How do we talk?

A. I prefer Skype because having a phone pressed to your ear for an hour really sucks. I can talk you through the process of getting Skype before our call so that you are good to go. If it is just not possible we can sort out another means for our sessions.

If you have any other questions, please ask me them in your form at the top of the page. I am very excited to be working with you!