Letting Go of Limitations Workshop

You’ll be surprised at how much of life as you know it is being dictated and shaped by your perceived limitations. How beliefs and even emotions that you have are creating your reality. Or maybe this doesn’t surprise you at all. Maybe you do feel limited or trapped or like you are a slave to something other than your own desires and dreams. Maybe when everything seems to be going great for you, it’s like you hit a wall. Or maybe you have just not taken that first step that you know you need to take. Or an important next step.

It makes perfect sense that to step into the next phase of growth or a new comfort zone we first have to ditch or effectively deal with limiting beliefs and emotions. I personally do this as often as necessary.

So what I’ve created for you is a live, in person workshop around confronting, eliminating and replacing any beliefs that no longer work for you and where you’re going. We will also be running a lovely bonus session on releasing limiting emotions so that you can have a smoother path to what it is your heart desires.

Now, how do you know this workshop is right for you?

You have a big something that you want to change and it’s been bugging you for a while. And if you think about it, you find yourself saying to yourself, ‘I would, buuuuut… I have no time, no money, no energy, the wrong lifestyle, I’m too old, too young, not smart enough, not enough’.

Or you know you are ready for the next big step, but something is holding you back and you can’t tell what it is, but you want to say things like- ‘Oh it’s my job, or boss, or my body, or my friends, my partner, my family’ and you know that ultimately it’s probably something to do with you.

When you know how to deal with limiting beliefs and emotions, you know how to deal with challenges. And you become incredibly free. Free, if you wish to lose weight, to sing in public, to mend relationships, to relocate, to travel, to start a business to speak the truth, to have more fun… anything.

And if thinking about any of this is scary and exciting for you, or if any part seems too good to be true, then I would be honoured to welcome you to this and help you deal with what is going on in head and in your heart, so you can feel free.

Now people who have done this work with me in the past have found it so liberating and it’s usually come just before some big amazing changes in their lives. It’s led to better relationships, new fulfilling work, greater health and less fear.

In this workshop there will be advanced content so that you can learn how to reprogram your mind and if you stick around until the end you’ll know how to ensure that an emotion never has to be a problem for you again.

Just to be clear, by joining me for this face to face workshop, you will receive:

  • 2 hours of letting go of limiting beliefs PLUS
  • a bonus hour of Advanced NLP for letting go of limiting emotions
  • Free email coaching at your request
  • Further resources to support you as you move towards your goals
  • An hour Skype call at your request for any deep work you would like to do 

The live workshop is happening at the Voiceology Studios in Camden. A beautiful space at Suite 1/190 Argyle Street. It will run from 3-5pm, with an optional bonus hour til 6pm for some deep work around releasing emotions.

If you would like to join me in this experience you can book by clicking below and registering.

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