Before I tell you what I do, here's me in a nutshell...

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I'm a curly lady. Curly by hair, curly by nature. I'm a current world karate title holder, a songwriter on the brink of dropping my first album, a teacher by day, a coach by night, and have a fierce love of dancing, nature, writing, good food, my puppy, husband, family and kick-ass friends. I'm most proud of my ongoing recognition of the 'magic in the moment' and my ability to ask the big questions that generate the most powerful answers.

I've had coaching in my blood since before I knew what it was. Since I was a teenager in little 'letter books' my friends and I wrote to each other. As a karate instructor from 16 years-old, when I helped students of all ages change their thinking to get the most out of their bodies. After studying, then training in Neuro-linguistic Programming, quantum physics and holistic healing, I coached members of the Indigenous Australian community who were looking to break family cycles of pain and poverty. In 2012, I began offering professional coaching services and shortly after, created online courses around manifestation through creativity and creative questioning. I've run workshops around personal transformation when I've been called to do so. But mostly, I've been doing my favourite work- changing lives, one powerful conversation at a time.

Who I Work With

I coach heart-centred individuals who feel a little different. Sometimes, this difference makes you feel like a superstar, and other times, it makes you feel like a bit of a freak! But, hey, because I totally get this, I also know a few secrets that you may only be starting to realise.

- You are a high-achiever and feeling that inevitable tension of living a life too small for you. Yes, even you, who other people see as 'special' or 'talented'.

- You are magic, especially when you use your sensitivity and introspection to get creative! You love the idea of creating a life you love, in a way that is exactly your flavour of fun.

- You are a healer! Somewhere within you is a mission that will not only help you 'save' yourself, but have a widespread, purposeful impact on the world. 

What is holding you back?

If I could take a guess, it would be knowing exactly what you want and feeling liberated to be exactly yourself as you do it. It could also be 'accidentally' thinking too small or within your limited realm of experience. This can sometimes disempower you, leaving you feeling a little ridiculous for daring to desire some extra sparkle in your life. You've also got some limiting emotions and beliefs that are subconsciously influencing your every decision, and keeping you within patterns you are slowly but surely outgrowing.

What I can do for you

I can help you unlock and tap into your inner wisdom- the part of you that knows who you are, your most pure purpose, your mission and what will make you jump out of bed in the morning. I can also help you find the right questions to help you completely rewire your brain, so it starts working for you and not against you (you classic overthinker!). Ultimately, I will help you traverse the path of exponential growth, in a way where you will feel fulfilled and happy, even through the most daunting challenges. With me, you'll develop your own rule-book for life, so that you can have success, exactly as you define it.

The Coaching Experience

If you haven't worked with a coach before, here are a few things you may be interested to know:

- The best coaches will leave you feeling like YOU are the genius. That's because when it comes to you and your life, YOU ARE!

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- Saying yes to coaching and throwing down money is in itself a big gesture the universe loves. When I first booked my own coaching, I had already achieved my big desire before I had my first session. I still credit 'coaching' because without it, perhaps the universe wouldn't have known I meant business!

- Sometimes coaching is like an incubation period. As coaches, we love to plant seeds that may take months or years to flourish. Occasionally it can feel like one big recalibration, and then after coaching, you completely take off to new heights. I know this because I get emails from clients who say that something 'clicked' and they credit that to one of our early sessions.

- Yet, often, one insight will immediately change your entire life. If you let it!

- You don't NEED coaching. Most people who are getting it could work things out for themselves. But if you hire a coach, it's because you WANT the experience. You want the enormous growth. You love to play with your perception of the world. You want someone on your team who is 100% committed to and thrilled for your success.

- Many people wait until later sessions to open up about what is really holding them back. It can be intense, dark and painful. Don't wait to deal with this. You and I can dive into this first. You are completely safe to tell the real truth. If that feels edgy for you, then coaching will be the most liberating experience of your life.


Here are the types of ways I work with people. At the heart of them are one or more powerful conversations. You can book in a tea-date with me over Skype to see which one is right for you.

Breakthrough Session

I feel like I could run a marathon!
— This is what a lovely senorita said after shifting guilt around body image and sex. 'I'm so light, like the shame has disappeared.'

This is a powerful conversation between you and me, where we go deep into what is holding you back and find the simplest strategies to revolutionise your life. You will collect all-important lessons from your inner wisdom and finally do that one thing you've been avoiding!

Is this right for you?

This is especially for you if you feel that there is just a little, big something (if you know what I mean!) that is holding you back from having the life or mindset you desire. You want to get to the next level in a particular area of your life but are not sure how or where to start.

Nobody has ever released that before.
— A revolutionary fitness and nutrition guru, who has been around the personal development block was mind-blown that he could get rid of pain and anger in one session.

It is also for you if you want to dispel of negative emotions that are clouding your thinking and ability to get important stuff done! There may be a particularly painful memory or recurring thought you are having that you want to evolve into something positive so you can be your happiest self again.

You may be ready for a big change and need some strategies and principles to guide you through your unique journey.

And it is definitely for you if you are curious about the coaching experience and want to get unexpected positive results in your life. Even when you don't know what you need, we can work it out in this hour of power!

6 Month Transformation

I know who I am and where I am going.
— Words of relief after this powerhouse lady realised she was worthy of living bigger and being happier in all areas of her world.

This is a beautiful option for those who are looking to have real support and results in multiple areas of their lives. We work together for 6 months, which includes a monthly Skype call and email coaching. Over this time, I get to know you very well and can help you recognise and eliminate beliefs and ways of thinking that are holding you back from being your most glorious self. We shift unwanted behaviours and go deep into your psyche to heal and release the past to make way for a better future. You will learn lifestyle and mindset strategies to lead you towards a happier and more fulfilling life. Transformations are to be expected in terms of relationships, health and money as you become the best version of you.

You will also have free access to my online courses (including new releases) and ebooks. Any other resources I find to support you will be gifted. Nice surprises happen with this one.

Is this right for you?

My life will never be the same again.
— After what many would define as a crippling past, with layers of abuse and hardship, this man in his early forties, acknowledged how the NLP tools he learnt in 6 months have changed him forever. He is now counting his wins, including dating for the first time in years.

You just know there is lots of growing to do in multiple areas of your life. And you are ready to start taking responsibility for what isn't working and what is. You perhaps have had anxiety and depression, on and off for some time and are done with feeling less than happy. You want some traction on a long term goal or perhaps want strategies to achieve a goal in record time. You are ready and committed to looking after you and are prepared to work on yourself and your life after each session. You want to finally feel 'on purpose' with your life.

If this feels good to you, book in a conversation with me to see if it's a good fit. We'll have a life-changing conversation, and you can let me know if it's still a hell yes to 6 months of intensive coaching.

Signature Yearly Package

This is my favourite way to work with people. With at least 12 coaching sessions (one per month) and extra love and support via email, the results you get this year will be deep and lasting. Over a year, multiple challenges arise that require reassessment of beliefs, programming and frameworks which may or may not be serving you. Over a year, with coaching, your comfort zone expands, as does the standard you hold for your life. Over a year you can be bold and go for your heart's desires. All this knowing you have complete support along the way. Before and after this year we do a complete assessment of you and your life, focusing on your level of fulfilment. This way you can see, without a doubt, how a year of dedication to yourself can change your whole life.

This package comes with presents! As well as access to courses and ebooks, you will have:

  • Your own private page on my website where I will upload resources for you. 
  • Early access to anything I am creating.
  • Free entry into workshops I run.
  • Discounts on retreats I co-ordinate.

Plus other goodies I know will support you on your journey.

Is this right for you?

‘All my dreams are coming true!
— The founder of an elite performance school gushed these words after her recent success in taking her business to the next level. She wished she'd started coaching sooner, but I reassured her that the timing is ALWAYS PERFECT!

You are unsatisfied with mediocre. You want the absolute best for your life and know that ongoing coaching will help you keep yourself accountable for living a life that makes you gleam with satisfaction. You are aware of your own untapped potential and want to put it to the best possible use, courtesy of your highest self and life-purpose. You probably don't need me because you are just that darn introspective and insightful, but you totally get that coaching accelerates the process of personal growth and quality of life. You are all in.

Book in our first conversation to get the wheels in motion. You can ask any questions on our call, and will receive powerful coaching, with your permission.

Ask about these fun offerings

Spend a day with me

If you're game for a good ol' shake up, then you'll no doubt love the intensity of spending a whole day with me to work through what is going on in your world. We take care of business then and there. Ask about it here.

Workshop Retreat for you and your friends

If you and your friends, colleagues or family would love a personalised local retreat, we can make that happen. You and I will have a conversation to develop the best structure and coaching concepts to support your small group of 5-20 attendees. This is the kind of workshop I have run in the past.

Any questions? Do send me a message, lovely.

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