Work with Me and Make More Magic

Do you have a nagging feeling that you are not being all you could be and that you have so much more to give and receive in the world?

Are you ready for success and happiness in 2014- more than you have ever experienced?

Do you feel yourself dwelling in the past and holding yourself back from what you know needs to be done?

Do you need some clear strategies and support creating a life you absolutely love?

Work with me!

I help people from all walks of life resolve their most burning issues and grow into the best version of themselves. No problem is too big or small to work through. If it matters to you, then it is important to me.

Love. Money. Success. Passion. Health.

You can have it all.


I will speak to you once or twice a month via phone or Skype and we will stay in touch via email.

For those who want to have their best year yet, reply before December so we can plan for the most amazing 2014.

I am your best friend, your cheerleader, adviser, your rock and the mirror to reflect back to you how awesome you are.

Let's work together.

All my love.



Contact Becky to inquire about coaching or to get started!