How to Get Your Mojo Back

It’s natural to feel the ebbs and flows of life. Sometimes, in a day we can go from energised to flat. Over a month, women can feel like different people. And throughout a year, stress, uncertainty and fear can lead to a losing touch with what makes us US!

Since the beginning of 2017, I have been managing my migraines differently. The experience of ‘getting a migraine’ can be as debilitating as ‘having a migraine’. Knowing it is coming, anticipating its presence, fearing a change in the weather and having to avoid overstimulation can sometimes be like a half-life. Especially when you are a go-getter. If you experience migraines, I can share what I have been doing lately to better manage them- but for today, this post is about something different. I mention the migraines because at the end of almost every work day and Friday, I experience a dip in energy, so much that I need to lay down and preferably nap. Nothing wrong with a power nap.

But every so often, when I completely and consciously remove all self-expectation and perceived pressure, I put myself in the best position to get my mojo back. I become happier, energised and feel safe, free and far more me.

I want the same for you. The following advice is for you if you have been chasing goals, spinning wheels, feeling overworked, tired and perhaps a little lost. I could add so much more to the list, but I promise these will have you sorted out in no time!

Do What You Love and Do It for Fun!

It’s easy to assign ambition to what we love. Stuff we would do for fun and for free can often be monetised, turned into a career or explored in a competitive field. What you can do, even if you are making money doing what you love, is engage with the same practice ‘just for fun’. As in, have that mindset. It’s all fun! I can do this with my karate training. I don’t need to compete or capitalise on my skills by doing private lessons or aim to be the highest grade in the world. I can do it, just because. Do note, that this isn’t to stop you having ambition. It’s just to remind you to do what you love for the sake of what you love about it. That’s all.

And if there is something you love doing that you’ve put to the side because it seems unimportant, well its perhaps time to explore that once more. Even if it’s just to get your mojo back. If you love dancing, prance around the living room, take a lesson for fun or go somewhere that plays music (like a rave party or RSL club! Haha!). What do you luuuuuuuuuurve?

Do What Comes Naturally and Easily!

There is something you do that feels so natural and easy. Like breathing (which by the way, works a treat!). But, still… there is something you do that feels easy to you, even though it may seem way hard to others. Maybe you grew up with it. Maybe you feel like it’s in your blood.

It may be caring for animals. Like maybe you’re the beastmaster or horse whisperer… What else could be easy? Maybe it’s running. You know, like Forest Gump. For me it’s songwriting. The act of writing feels so natural and easy, and while the songs could be crap, creating them feels as natural and right as breathing, eating and sleeping. What is natural and easy for you. I am deeply interested!

Take Away Deadlines

Something that has been liberating for me over the last 5 years is the ability to take away deadlines and due dates on self-imposed goals. I say to myself, if it doesn’t happen then, it will happen with even better timing. And it’s so good, I’m willing to wait.

Remember- You Don’t Need Permission and You Always Have A Choice

One of my favourite reminders. You don’t need permission. For rest. Or play. Or to do what nobody else is willing to do. Or to be you.

You just do it.

And the life you lead now is your choice. Does that relax you? Does it empower you and get you buzzing? Does it make you contemplate what you’re grateful for and consider the infinite possibilities for your life? Let it!

Find a Reason to Be on this Earth

Lastly, if you need a little kick in the pants, remember why you are on this Earth. What do you want this life to about? What do you want to do? I simply want to connect everyone with some real talk. To be someone who inspires others to be open and vulnerable as a way for there to be more love and understanding in this world. What is your reason?

Any of these will help you reconnect with you. And I’m sure there are many other ways that you use to get your mojo back. It may be to do with your diet, your energy flow, your homespace. Whatever it is, share with me how you get your mojo back.

With too much love,



Mojo Becky Shortt